1. The name of the Society shall be The University of Bristol Computer Gaming Society.
    2. The Society shall be affiliated to the University of Bristol Students’ Union.
  2. AIMS
    1. To provide a gaming community for members to play and discuss computer games of all genres.
    2. Where appropriate to provide the means, equipment or place for tournaments agreed upon by the Committee.
    3. The society shall abide by the Union’s Code of Conduct, and any other policies laid down by the Union’s Board of Trustees.
    1. Full membership is open to all full members of the Union by application to the Society.
    2. Associate membership is open to all other persons who are associate members of the Union.
    3. Not less than two-thirds of the Society members shall be full members of the Union.
    4. The secretary shall keep a list of all members, differentiating between full and associate members. The secretary shall inform the Student Services Team of the membership of the Society each year.
    5. There shall be a subscription fee levied for membership, which shall be fixed at the discretion of the Committee being no less than the minimum rate demanded by the Societies Network.
    1. Only members may sit on the Committee.
    2. Only members may vote on Society matters.
    3. Only members may propose motions.
    4. All categories of membership shall have equal rights of voting, attending meetings etc.
    1. There shall be a Committee of the society which shall be the executive decision-making body of the society.
    2. The President of the Committee shall be a full member of the Union.
    3. The Committee shall be responsible for the general and financial policy of the Society, subject to such rules as laid out in the Union’s Constitution and Byelaws, and any rulings made by the Societies Network.
    4. The quorum for Committee meetings shall be set at 50% (rounded down) of the filled Committee positions plus one (e.g. five for a full Committee).
    5. All Committee meetings must be minuted by the secretary (or another Committee member if they are unavailable) and the minutes circulated to the Committee before the next Committee meeting.
    6. The Committee shall consist of the following positions:
      1. President -The President shall be responsible for ensuring that meetings are chaired, and act as a liaison between the society and other bodies and performing any other tasks delegated by the Committee.
      2. Vice President – The Vice President shall act as a deputy for the President, and should the need arise the Vice President can act instead for the President.
      3. Secretary – The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at meetings and ensuring all paperwork for the Society is completed.
      4. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be in charge of all society monies in accordance with the constitution of the society and the current instruction to society treasurers by the Union. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of membership fees from prospective members and shall make arrangements for them to join at any stage during term time.
      5. Techmater – the Techmater shall be responsible for services that the members interact with as well as their content and all servers. This includes (but is not limited to) the website, IRC services, Discord, and game servers.
      6. E-Sports and Industry Representative – Responsible for the organisation and coordination of participation in e-sports competitions and events, and for liasing with external companies for the benefit of the society.
      7. Social Secretary – Responsible for the organisation and running of social events outside of LANs.
    1. The Treasurer of the society shall be a full member of the Union and not in their final year at the University. However, if given approval by the Bristol SU Societies Network, a final year student may take the position.
    2. All financial arrangements must be made in accordance with current instructions to Society Treasurers, as set down by the Societies Network.
    3. The Bristol SU Union Affairs Officer, Sport and Student Development Officer and Director of Finance and Administration shall jointly be empowered to issue financial instructions on behalf of the society if:
      1. The society folds with outstanding financial affairs.
      2. Change of mandate forms are not completed, and the previous Committee is out of reasonable contact.
      3. Financial irregularities are found.
    1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once per annum, and this shall be during the second term. Where possible, this should occur prior to the final LAN of the academic year.
    2. Notice of such meetings must be sent to the society’s membership via email with at least fourteen days’ notice. An agenda must be sent out with at least two days’ notice, as soon after the deadline for applications and motions as possible. The agenda must contain at the minimum a list of all candidates and motions to be voted upon.
    3. The quorum of such meetings shall be set at twice the filled Committee positions plus one (e.g seventeen for a full Committee).
    4. An Emergency General Meeting (EGM) may be called either by the Committee or by twice the filled Committee positions plus one (e.g seventeen for a full Committee) of the membership of the Society, or five members, whichever is larger, by application to the Committee. An EGM shall be called as specified on the application, but at least seven days notice shall be given.
    5. Should any person present at a General Meeting behave in a disorderly or offensive manner such that the meeting is severely disrupted, then the Chair of the General Meeting may, at his discretion, eject that person from the meeting.
    6. There shall be one Returning Officer at any General Meeting, who shall be appointed by the outgoing Committee (or the current Committee in the case of an EGM), who should not be standing in any elections and is forbidden from voting on elections and motions. The Returning Officer is responsible for counting votes, supervising minute keeping, and ensuring that the process runs smoothly.
    7. Minutes from General Meetings must be published and made available to all members of the society.
    8. Either the Secretary or the President must verify and announce to attendees, the membership status of a candidate running for a committee position and person submitting a motion during the meeting.
    1. Elections shall be held at the Annual General Meeting to elect officers of the Committee for the following annual session.
    2. There shall be provision for by-elections to be held at an EGM in October at the latest should there be vacant Committee positions.
    3. All positions must be applied for at least three days prior to the day of elections by formal email to the Committee collaborative inbox. Only positions that have not been applied for before this deadline can be applied for on the day of the elections.
    4. Voting shall be carried out by exhaustive ballot and be carried out by a show of hands at a properly constituted General Meeting.
    5. In the case of a tied ballot, the Returning Officer shall have the deciding vote.
    1. Motions may be called at any properly constituted General Meeting.
    2. Any motions must be submitted at least three days prior to the day of the General Meeting by formal email to the Committee collaborative inbox or specified as part of an EGM application.
    3. Voting shall be carried out by exhaustive ballot and be carried out by a show of hands.
    4. All motions shall require a two-thirds majority of the members present at a properly constituted General Meeting to be passed.
    1. The society shall affiliate to external bodies only where membership of those bodies is essential to the fulfilment of the core aims, and only with the prior agreement of the Union’s Societies Network.
    1. Any amendment to this constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of the members present at a properly constituted General Meeting.

All such amendments shall become valid only after approval by the Societies Network.